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Parliamentary debate: Build a developmental state for growth and an inclusive, job creating economy – No chance of development as long as ANC is in power


South Africa's economy has collapsed. The country is not a developing state and is instead fast becoming a failed state. No plan will change this as long as the ANC remains in power.

Local government is collapsing, there is no service delivery and municipalities across the country are dysfunctional.

As long as there is no policy certainty regarding key issues, even within the ANC, the economy will not grow. It will also not grow as long as the government is held hostage by Cosatu and other trade unions.

South Africa's economy is in crisis. Last week, the Minister of Finance, Tito Mboweni, made good proposals for economic growth in a public document, but these are in stark contrast to the statements issued by other
governmental departments.

The Minister of Labour, for instance, is more concerned about equality and quotas than unemployment. Nearly all sectors of the economy are suffering job losses and the ANC will have to pay attention to the National Treasury's viewpoint that the country's rigid labour legislation needs to be relaxed so as to stimulate the creation of more job opportunities.

In direct contradiction with the Department of Labour, Minister Mboweni proposed that legislation must be relaxed for small and medium enterprises, which are some of the biggest creators of jobs in the country.

And yet nearly 80% of these enterprises fail within the first year of their existence seeing as the system disadvantages them.

Another proposal is that these enterprises should not have to pay the minimum wage if they cannot afford to do so. The proposal makes sense and will stimulate development. Cosatu, the tail wagging the ANC-dog, will most probably try to sabotage this proposal as it is only concerned with looking after its own interests.

When a government fails and an economy grinds to a halt, the fingers are usually pointed at someone or something else. History offers many examples of this. That is exactly what the ANC government is doing.

White people are being blamed for the poor economy, the money deficit and lack of service delivery. Nothing will change unemployment and poverty as long as the ANC remains in power.

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