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Not dreams, but hard work and joining hands will ensure that Gauteng succeeds

• The following is an extract from the speech of Adv. Anton Alberts, FF Plus MPL in the Gauteng legislature, in reaction to the opening speech of Premier David Makhura.

The FF Plus has taken note of the vision that David Makhura, Gauteng Premier, has for the future of the province. The problem, however, is that for the last 25 years, we had to listen to all kinds of promises but no steps were taken to realise them.

The fact that the ANC is governing in Gauteng with a very small majority serves as proof that the voters are also no longer satisfied with empty promises and pipe dreams that are no more than election rhetoric.

It is concerning that people are still rummaging through garbage looking for food; that people go to the hospitals to die instead of getting medical treatment; that vulnerable individuals are subjected to torment and death, like at Life Esidimeni; that farmers are being tortured and murdered; that gangs thrive in numerous communities; that schools are dysfunctional, becoming anglicised and failing the youth; that the e-toll system is still operational; that jobs are scarce and that hope is waning.

The ANC is to blame for all this. The ANC had 25 years to address and solve these problems, but instead opted to make things worse by looting the state coffers and implementing policy like Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and Affirmative Action (AA) for its own gain.

Unemployment is worse than pre-1994. Black, white, coloured and Indian people have all become poorer and the biggest inequality is not between races, but between the super-rich elite of black cadres and the majority of the black population who did not benefit from the looting.

The FF Plus is urgently calling on the Premier to heed the following warning. Nothing will improve as long as the same damaging policy is followed and as long as the people, who have perfected the art of looting, are retained in government positions. Things will only get worse.

At present, the ANC has only the slightest majority in Gauteng and at times, it is bound to be a minority government. The FF Plus's advice to the Premier is, thus, to involve the opposition in the province and to make them part of the team so that we can tackle the future together.

The successful cooperation that has already been established between the FF Plus and the Premier in the matter of rural safety can be expanded by involving all parties and drafting a provincial constitution that includes the following:

• The protection and development of the Gauteng population's cultural and language diversity;
• The development of entrepreneurship and extensive economic activities by protecting the free market (based on a city state model much like Singapore's);
• Special protection rights for those who are vulnerable in our community, like women, children, the elderly and disabled;
• Providing accessible legal aid by creating ombudsmen, who have the power to enforce appropriate changes, for provincial health care, local government and schools to ensure quality education.

A successful province can be compared to a coral reef where a great variety of species flourish. A coral reef can, however, also die and Gauteng seems to be heading in that direction. The FF Plus wants to be part of the attempt to, through cooperation, create broad spectrum policy that will ensure that the province flourishes to the benefit of all its residents.

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