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New political landscape offers opportunity to nurse country’s medical services back to health

(Budget debate in Parliament: Health)

South Africa’s new political landscape offers the FF Plus the opportunity, through its participation in the Government of National Unity (GNU), to play an active role in remedying South Africa’s problems; one of which is the country’s healthcare services that have totally collapsed.

Changes need to be made to the management and administration of the Department of Health. Policy needs to be reviewed, and adjustments need to be made to accommodate modern and sensible ideas.

Accountability will have to be the keyword when making decisions impacting all South Africans’ daily lives. Another Life Esidimeni tragedy may not be tolerated.

The total budget allocated for 2024/25 amounts to R62,2 billion. Money is, however, not the only problem, but also a lack of expertise and sound management.

Mismanagement and corruption have crippled public healthcare institutions to such an extent that the medical aid industry and private medical services industry have become vital partners in providing good quality healthcare.

The FF Plus will endeavour to establish effective cooperation between the private and public healthcare sectors so that expertise and facilities can be fully utilised.

The main drive will not be transformation, but offering good, accessible healthcare to all the people of South Africa. Healthy management practices should be implemented at all hospitals and clinics, with a focus on accountability and expertise.

The FF Plus remains absolutely convinced that the National Health Insurance (NHI) will not succeed in improving the quality of public healthcare. In fact, it will have the opposite effect.

If the problems are resolved, the money that is usually lost could be used to improve medical care at grassroots level.

The funds could be used for procuring medicine, medical equipment and beds, building new hospitals and clinics, upgrading infrastructure, making effective use of existing buildings, and appointing clinical and non-clinical staff, especially doctors and nurses.

South Africans have a unique opportunity to restore and rebuild the country through cooperation and dedication. This opportunity has to be seized.



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