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New era dawns for Wonderboom Airport

A new era has dawned for the Wonderboom Airport with the Tshwane Metro’s decision to transfer the Airport to the private sector by means of a tender process. The FF Plus supports this decision wholeheartedly.

This innovative step was taken with the aim of transforming the Airport into a powerful economic catalyst for the Tshwane Metro.

The transfer to private management promises to bring about significant job creation and financial benefits for the community. The private sector now has the opportunity to deploy its economic power through investments and upgrading infrastructure. In this way, the Wonderboom Airport can strengthen its function as a key-determining link in Tshwane’s economic development.

The public tender process ensures an honest, transparent and competitive selection and appointment of the best qualified and most suitable private company to manage the Airport. Thus, the community’s interests are protected and an opportunity for a successful partnership between the public and private sector is created.

The Tshwane Metro’s coalition government, of which the FF Plus is part, is determined to create a synergy of cooperation for the benefit of the Wonderboom Airport and the wider community. This initiative serves as clear proof of the council’s commitment to promoting economic growth, job creation and accessibility through air travel for both commercial and private transport purposes.

In light of this decision, the Wonderboom Airport’s future looks promising and the Tshwane Metro is looking forward to cooperating with the private sector to usher in a new era of prosperity and opportunities for the metropolis.



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