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Mogale City clampdown on illegal water- and electricity user

“Mogale Private Game Lodges’ free ride on tax payers money is over”, said Cllr Amanda de Lange, Freedom Front Plus councillor in Mogale City and media spokesperson in Gauteng.

De Lange recently met consultants of Mogale City on the premises of the Lodge near Krugersdorp, while the water meters were permanently removed due to the alleged non- payment of water- and electricity bills to the value of more than a million Rand.

“Municipalities lose a huge part of their monthly revenue due to illegal connections.  It is vital to address these violations decisively”, de Lange said. 

The Lodge is owned by businessman, Thagraj Allen Reddy.  Reddy is also the owner of controversial SA Roadlink bus service that was ordered by the high court in 2010 to vacate its premises after the non-payment of rent and overdue accounts.  Court papers also show various other judgements against him for non-payment.

FF Plus applauds Mogale City’s decisive action in this regard. “The consultants assured me that the reconnection of the water supply will now be impossible.  Such stringent action is warranted because Lodge employees confirmed that connections have been cut in the past due to non-payment – only to be illegally re-instated by another employee”, de Lange said.

Furthermore, de Lange consulted with Eskom and it was advised that the high-tension cables be removed completely to avoid reconnection.  “The matter of illegal connections is under investigation and will be closely monitored”.

According to De Lange, the FF Plus hope that in future, local governments and Eskom will act more rigorously when big business owners does not pay for services.  “Non-payment of large service accounts has a devastating effect on monthly revenues of service providers which in turn has a negative effect on tax payers in the same precinct.  If there is a bottle neck in generating monthly revenue, outsourced services, maintenance and other responsibilities are compromised”.  


Amanda de Lange

Contact :  071 604 9498



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