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Affirmative action harms education

“There isn’t a school or enterprise can function properly without management. Therefore the government will have to reconsider its views regarding Black Economic Empowerment and Education,” Mr. Jean Kriek, the leader of the FF Plus Youth in Gauteng says.

This opinion of mr. Kriek follows after the Gauteng MEC for Education, Ms. Barbara Creecy, in response to a question in the provincial legislature, stated there is currently 99 vacancies for headmaster positions in Gauteng. Creecy furthermore said that in the past three years, there had been 235 vacancies for headmaster positions in the province.

“Government regularly makes promises about better education. In March of this year, president Jacob Zuma promised that 98 schools would be completed within this year in an attempt to fix education. The logical assumption which could however be made is that the focus should first be on fixing the problems at existing schools. The starting point would be to appoint qualified headmasters– regardless of their race – at all these schools,” Kriek said.

Kriek furthermore referred to the 2013 report of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in which South African learners were placed second to last in world rankings for their science and mathematical abilities. With regards to the quality of the education system, South Africa was placed 140th in a list of 144 countries and also fared poorly with regards to the use of technology in schools.

“Government will have to make a mind-shift with regards to education and affirmative action. Qualified teachers who are passed over in South Africa, are being lured by first-world countries where the value of education and the importance of skilled teachers are highly regarded,” Kriek said.

The FF Plus Gauteng Youth demands that the 99 vacancies are filled by individuals based entirely on merit without racial preferences. To turn our education system around is of greater importance than it is to wait for people with the right skin colour, according to the ANC, apply for the jobs.”


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