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Members of European Parliament meet with FF Plus to discuss desperate situation in South Africa

This week, the FF Plus welcomed a delegation of Members of the European Parliament, namely Danilo Lancini from Italy's ruling Lega party and Stuart Agnew from the British UKIP. They came to South Africa of their own accord to learn more about the current situation related to certain worrying issues.

Adv Anton Alberts, FF Plus chairperson, spoke to the delegation and emphasised in great detail how the ANC government has driven the country to the verge of utter ruin.

His message was that the Mandela-aura in which South Africa was enveloped since 1994 has disappeared completely. In the place of it is concern and desperation among all people. It is the poverty stricken and the minorities who have the most to fear due to the ANC government's mismanagement.

Adv Alberts explained, among other things, how the government is busy destroying the country with the current power supply crisis, the disturbing plans regarding expropriation without compensation (EWC), how Affirmative Action (AA) and Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) have stripped the public and private sector of their capacity, which is causing implosions, the extent and cruelty of farm murders and the police's inability to protect South Africans in general.

Adv Alberts said the following regarding the delegation's reaction to all this:

“The disbelief on their faces is something that I will never forget. Even though Europe and Britain are under immense political and social pressure, they did not think that things could get this bad in a country like South Africa.

They were clearly caught off guard by the extent and the depth of South Africa's problems. Farm murders, the Eskom power crisis and the pressure on minorities – like at Afrikaans schools – surprised them especially."

The delegation undertook to take these matters up with the EU Parliament. Mr Lancini also undertook to take up these matters with the Italian government.

He was particularly concerned about the fact that Italian businesses could lose everything in terms of the ANC's planned implementation of EWC. He was very surprised to hear that the trade treaties that prohibit EWC will not be renewed and that the new Protection of Investment Act only relies on Section 25 of the Constitution to protect foreign investments and that the ANC now wants to amend this very section.

The FF Plus and the delegation undertook to hold further talks, particularly if the EU and the Italian government were to decide to implement personal sanctions against persons in the ANC and the EFF due to their mismanagement of South Africa and the possible implementation of EWC.


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