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MEC thinks he is above the law

The MEC for Police, Roads and Transport in the Free State, Mr. Butana Komphela does not understand the law. The ANC government should realize that according to the constitution everybody is equal before the law and that they are not above the country’s laws.

MEC Komphela said, according to Volksblad, that according to the law VIP’s may exceed the speed limit when they are busy with official duties. Neither the National Road Traffic Act, 93 of 1996, nor the Police Service Act, 10 of 2012, as amended, or any other law provides for this.

The law provides for police and traffic officials to, during the performance of their official duties, if is required, exceed the speed limit and disregard road traffic laws.  This may therefore only happen in emergency situations.

The law provides for the police and road traffic officers tasked to protect ministers, MEC’s etc. to exceed the speed limit and/or other road traffic offences when the relevant VIP’s life is in danger. An MEC or minister who is late for his meeting cannot be seen as an emergency.

MEC Komphela is therefore wrong if he thinks that he and his colleagues are allowed to speed along the road at 200km/h when they are late for their meetings.



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