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Life Esidimeni: Latest legal claim lodged against Gauteng government shows that for the ANC, no live matter

The FF Plus views the latest legal action taken by the families of the Life Esidimeni patients, who have still not received compensation as was determined by the Moseneke arbitration investigation, as proof that for the ANC, no lives matter.

The FF Plus finds it shocking and yet it should probably come as no surprise that the ANC government still has not finalised the compensation pay-outs while corruption is flourishing under the smokescreen of Covid-19.

The FF Plus will confront the Gauteng Premier, David Makhura, about the failure to make the compensation payments and will demand that action be taken.

In his arbitration investigation, Judge Dikgang Moseneke found that the ANC government was responsible for the deaths of 144 psychiatric patients in its care and ruled that compensation, amounting to R1,2 million, must be paid out to each of the families. Many families either received no payment or were only partially compensated.

In accordance with the arbitration order, the money should have been paid out on the 19th of June 2018 already.

The ANC is continually trying to create the impression, with its race-based laws and policy, that black lives matter more than other lives, but the truth is that no lives matter for the ANC, irrespective of the colour of the skin. The only colour that matters is the colour of money and, thus, the ANC must be ousted from power with the next elections.

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