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Freedom Front Plus

Launch of the FF Plus’ election manifest for 2014 election

Cooperation is the only way in which the ANC can be stopped, and it also indicates a new direction the FF Plus will be following to bring a new dispensation for South Africa about which will be to the advantages of all the residents of the country.

This was the central theme today of the message of Dr. Pieter Mulder, Leader of the FF Plus, with the announcement of the party’s manifesto for the 2014 election.

The loud applause of the audience which packed the hall in Pretoria was an indication of the mandate of the party’s supporters for the manifesto.

The equally loud applause for the Khoi and San leaders and their followers was simultaneously an indication of the hand that supporters of the FF Plus had extended to other minority groups in South Africa who have a collective goal of bringing about a new dispensation in South Africa.

In his message, Dr. Mulder said that the campaign for a solution for the oppression of Afrikaners and other minority groups in the country should be realistic, modern and fair for all.

“There is a place for everyone in this country. The FF Plus’ re-worded mission does not want to motivate the Afrikaner’s alone, but also other minority groups. Together, we have one goal and that is to defeat the ANC, Dr. Mulder said.

Dr. Mulder sharply criticized the ANC and stated that there was currently a "tyranny" of a majority without any say for minorities in the country.

“That is why it is essential that a new dispensation is brought about in which recognition is given to the diversity of the country and its people. In the process the FF Plus has irrevocably committed itself to cooperating with other communities. The FF Plus’ membership of the Collective for Democracy illustrates this.

“We ask for a better dispensation for the Afrikaner, but will also fight for other minorities to obtain this,” Dr. Mulder said.


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