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Immense pressure on transport – the country’s main economic arteries

(Debate in Parliament)

For a country to grow economically, it needs a good transport system. It forms the main arteries of the country's economy. Thus, it is a crisis when these arteries are not healthy.

In South Africa, road transport has increased significantly over the past ten years for a variety of reasons, of which the biggest is the collapse of the country's railway system.

Road transport in South Africa poses many challenges. Two of the main challenges faced by road-transport companies are the deterioration of infrastructure and the increase in crime.

Company owners are already doing everything they can to ensure the safety of their employees and freight, but in many cases, it is not enough. It takes months, for instance, to replace a vehicle that was torched because insurance claims delay the procurement process.
Human lives are irreplaceable.

Protests and strikes also have an extremely detrimental impact on the transport system and much of the related violence stems from the fact that people from other African countries are employed. The number one priority for transport companies is to employ reliable workers who work hard and deliver their freight on time.

Factors, like poor roads, damage to tyres and rising fuel prices, are ultimately paid for by the consumer. Consumers, likewise, also pay for the damage caused by crime and the high cost of insurance premiums.

Decisive action must be taken to upgrade the overnight facilities at border posts to support long-distance drivers, who render a valuable service, in performing their duties.

Online companies are booming and their role in the economy is growing seeing as people increasingly opt to have their purchases delivered straight to their homes.

The pressure on our roads will only keep increasing and the railway system will inevitably have to be upgraded to relieve this pressure. If these main arteries are not in good order, the economy will collapse.





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