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Heritage Day: All South Africans’ heritage deserves respect

South Africa finds itself in a unique position as regards heritage, specifically due to its great diversity of people, cultures and languages. This is illustrated by the fact that the country has 11 official languages.

Along with this rich heritage, come great challenges that our communities face, i.e. respecting our differences, specifically our cultural differences, and to have the government recognise it.

In a diverse society, like the one in South Africa, it is important that the people of the various cultural groups recognise and respect other groups' heritage and customs. One group must not try to force its own customs and viewpoints on the others.

The significance and idea behind Heritage Day is to direct the spotlight to shine on the diversity of cultures and to give recognition to each and every one so as to promote nation building.

Unfortunately, this is not happening under the rule of the ANC government. There is a great attack on Afrikaans, which is not just spoken by Afrikaners, but also by the majority of coloured people and approximately 800 000 black people.

Language is an important part of a group's heritage and it defines a nation to a large extent. It is a unifying factor for people who pray, work and socialise in their own mother tongue. The mother tongue is the glue that holds a community together.

The ANC government's talk about respect for the different cultures and the importance of Heritage Day is nothing more than lip service seeing as it is not put into practice.

Throughout history, the Afrikaner has shown that he can make a great contribution to building the country and he is willing to continue this heritage.

The government must, however, take note that the Afrikaner will stand up for his rights, like keeping his language in use at universities as Afrikaans-speaking students are entitled to have universities where they are taught in their own language.

This right must be recognised, it is valid. It will make a great contribution to nation building in South Africa.


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