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Gauteng SOPA: FF Plus has no reason to believe that ANC rollercoaster of mismanagement will come to an end

Today with his State of the Province Address (SOPA) and the opening of the Gauteng Legislature, Premier David Makhura instilled no confidence with his overview of the province's problems and how the ANC will address them.

His ideas were no more than a rehash of the ideological madness that has over time brought the province to its knees.

The loudest alarm bell that sounded was the fact that during the pandemic, the ANC government and its officials demonstrated their absurd acumen to simply steal more and faster as well as to intensify, rather than question, their bankrupt socialist ideology.

The ANC government even admitted that it is using the pandemic to help restructure the economy by allowing white-owned businesses to fold by purposefully withholding economic aid. Such conduct borders on the international law crime of Apartheid and the FF Plus will investigate the possibility of whether laying such a charge against the government is justifiable.

There is no doubt that the province will become even more impoverished under ANC rule and that the economy will keep deteriorating, which will only serve to increase economic inequality. The biggest divide as regards economic inequality is forming between black people among themselves as well as between all races and the coloured population.

Very little is done to create permanent job opportunities for the poor population in general – except for in the public service where black people are over-represented and all the minorities are under-represented.

The most significant inequality forming at present is the division between the black middle class and poor black people and, therefore, the ANC's insistence that white people are the problem is not only racist, but also a smokescreen for the real cause of economic inequality, namely the ANC's own socialist and racist policy.

The focus must shift to sensible and proven economic policy that will bring about economic growth by liberating the market of restrictive regulations and racial discrimination.

Though large investments were recently made in the automotive manufacturing sector, one must remember that although these investments do make a positive contribution, they are not really investments made by new investors who consider Gauteng an attractive investment destination.

That is exactly what is amiss at the moment. The government is supposed to make it really attractive for foreign investors to take the risk to invest in Gauteng, however, that is not currently the case precisely due to the ANC's economic policy and corruption.

Another issue with which the FF Plus will confront the ANC government is the proposed Informal Settlement Economic Development Act.

The Bill envisions an informal settlement fund that will help fund small businesses in such areas. The most burning question is, of course, whether white and coloured people who live in informal settlements will also be eligible to receive assistance for development.

Although the FF Plus is disappointed by the Premier's speech, it was to be expected.

The FF Plus realises that a new law came into operation under ANC rule, one that applies at all times, namely the "Continued Mismanagement and Criminality of the ANC Act".

On social level, this Act is similar to Newton's First Law of Motion. The ANC will not change direction unless some other force acts in on it. That force will not come from within the ANC itself and so the FF Plus will continue to fulfil its role of being that outside force applying pressure until the ANC is overthrown.



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