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Gauteng Covid-19 budget: ANC destroying the white middle class and expecting the black middle class to commit suicide

(Debate in Gauteng Legislature)

Today during a debate on the Gauteng provincial Covid-19 adjustment budget, the FF Plus exposed the ANC for the morally corrupt party that it is; a party that is using Covid-19 to destroy the white middle class while it is asking the black middle class to commit suicide in the spirit of Amilcar Cabral, who was eventually assassinated.

It is ironic that even though the people of a country are quick to come together and join hands when an external threat comes into the picture, the ANC has opted to use the Covid-19 pandemic to achieve its own selfish ideological goals instead.

Initially it looked like a joint effort to deal with the pandemic would realise, but the ANC's ideological obstinacy quickly brought an end to any such efforts.

It was not long before the ANC showed its true colours by implementing race-based government financial aid to business enterprises. The ANC does not care about the fact that black workers are losing their jobs in the process. For them it is much more important to sink white-owned businesses in order to make the transformation of the economy possible; all in the name of the National Democratic Revolution (NDR).

Thus, black employees are no more than collateral damage.

If one follows this reasoning, it becomes clear why the ANC supports the destructive ideas advocated by Amilcar Cabral, namely that after the destruction of the old middle class by means of a revolution, the new middle class – in South Africa, that is the black middle class – must sacrifice its privilege to establish an equal, communist society.

History has, however, taught us that in reality, these ideas only result in endemic and extensive poverty and famine.

This train of reasoning also explains why corruption is structural in the ANC and occurs with impunity. It also explains why the ANC vies for power merely for the sake of gaining power by unlawfully placing the Tshwane Metro under administration.

The ANC is not really interested in improving the quality of life for all, instead, it is only interested in gaining more power so as to enrich a select few cadres.

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