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FF Plus welcomes higher conviction rate for sexual offenders in Mpumalanga

The FF Plus welcomes the improvement in the conviction rate for sexual offenders in Mpumalanga. In the last financial year, 381 individuals appeared before the local courts on charges of sexual offences, 309 of them were convicted and 72 were acquitted.

Mpumalanga currently has a 6% improvement in its conviction rate, which puts the province at the top of the list of convictions for sexual offences.

The FF Plus wants to thank the special police units and courts that made it possible and special thanks to Nelspruit's Family Violence and Child Protection Unit (FCS) that was not only named the best in the province, but also fourth best in the country.

The FF Plus, however, wants to implore the Mpumalanga government not to proceed with its plan to reduce the number of outreach programmes for gender-based violence. Gender-based violence has risen with 8,5% from the previous financial year. Thus, now is not the time to become complacent and constant attempts must be made to eradicate the crime.

The FF Plus will keep an eye on the gender-based cases that come before the local courts, particularly the one relating to a high-ranking government official who was charged with sexually molested his own two daughters.




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