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FF Plus submits complaint about misleading DA propaganda

The FF Plus today submitted a complaint to the Electoral Commission (IEC) about information contained in an electoral advertisement of the Democratic Alliance (DA), which according to the FF Plus is misleading and false, Dr. Pieter Groenewald, chairperson of the FF Plus, says.

In the campaign voters are mainly warned not to vote for smaller parties, and that voters would split and waste their votes by voting for smaller parties. (Full complaint attached).

According to Dr. Groenewald, the action is a contravention of the code of conduct of the Electoral Act of South Africa.

He said it is a pity that the FF Plus has been forced to take this action, as there is a strong possibility that the two parties would have to cooperate in some municipalities after the election as coalition partners to keep the ANC from controlling the municipalities.

“The FF Plus has been left with no other choice but to take action. This same misleading campaign, with information which is technically blatantly false, was run in the previous election and caused great confusion amongst voters.

“The FF Plus’ plea is that all parties would run their campaign based on the truth, and not with propaganda which is based on lies.

“In terms of South Africa’s proportional electoral system, it is just not true to say that a vote for a smaller party against the ANC is a wasted vote, just like it has been set out in detail in the complaint to the IEC. In the past we kept quiet, but will not do this again,” Dr. Groenewald said.


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