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FF Plus reply to Gauteng SOPA: In 30 years under ANC rule, Gauteng took one step forward and a thousand steps back

One step forward and a thousand steps back. This is what has happened to Gauteng in the last 30 years under ANC rule. All the examples that Premier Panyaza Lesufi presented as signs of progress actually serve as evidence of regress.

The decline is particularly evident in the province’s economy. Both the provincial and national governments are bankrupt and can no longer fund the necessary programmes.

The economy has been destroyed by 30 years of mismanagement, corruption and state capture by tenderpreneurs – which continues to happen. In addition, incompetence and irrational economic policy have also played their part in ruining the economy.

Using the Nelson Mandela Bridge in Johannesburg and the soccer stadium in Soweto as examples of infrastructure development is grasping at straws.

The decay of the province’s critical infrastructure is clear for all to see. Thousands of kilometres of near inaccessible dirt roads in townships, pothole-riddled provincial roads and the shortage of public schools are examples of the decline, to name but a few.

The province was so poorly governed that a highway system which had been paid off before 1994 was turned into a toll road overnight. And it has remained a toll road, even though all Gauteng residents have condemned it.

It is ironic that Gauteng with all its drones, CCTV, security cameras, panic buttons and new peace wardens currently has the highest crime levels ever. All the gimmicks in the world cannot make up for a poor government.

In addition, there are serious concerns about the peace wardens’ legal accountability, which will certainly have some unforeseen consequences.

Gauteng residents do not need a police state, but a province with a growing economy where proper job opportunities are created to restore people’s dignity.

All the Premier did in his State of the Province Address (SOPA) was to re-wrap old, unfulfilled promises in new promises to mislead voters in a desperate attempt to retain power.

The FF Plus asked Lesufi why it is necessary to appoint so many people in unsustainable public offices if the ANC has only achieved success over the last 30 years.

All the fuss about crime prevention, township development, solar farms and the scrapping of e-toll is clearly nothing but an election gimmick.

After the upcoming elections, a multi-party government will be established which will know how to take one step forward after the other to create a safe, flourishing, family-friendly province.

Gauteng will be restored to the economic powerhouse it once was, even if it takes a thousand forward steps to get there. It can be done once the ANC is out of the way.



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