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FF Plus not satisfied with newly elected acting chairperson for the portfolio committee of health

The FF Plus is not satisfied with the election of the new acting chairperson of the portfolio committee on health in Parliament (National Assembly), Mr. Tshilidzi Munayi.

Munyai who is a member of the ANC won by five votes to the three of Evelyn Wilson from the DA.

The FF Plus proposed that the election be held by secret ballot but only the members of the DA supported this proposal. The majority insisted on a vote by means of the raising of hands.

The FF Plus is not happy with Munayi as acting chairperson as he has not been much involved in the activities of the committee in the past two years and has not attended many oversight visits.

Although he attends meetings, he does not play a particularly significant role in oversight.

The FF Plus nevertheless wished Munayi well with his election but pointed out to him that this committee plays an especially important oversight role during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The party also expressed the hope that Munayi would ensure that this function is conducted thoroughly.

The FF Plus will ensure that a full-time chairperson of the committee is elected as soon as possible and, in the meantime, will ensure that Munayi manages matters of the portfolio committee correctly and according to the prescribed rules.

The ANC should not see his appointment as an opportunity to endeavour to push through issues such as the National Health Insurance (NHI). The FF Plus will fight this with everything at its disposal.




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