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Freedom Front Plus

FF Plus lays complaint with PP and IEC over ANC’s abuse of taxpayer’s money for election purposes

The 51 huge advertising boards which is currently being erected in Gauteng, is a serious threat to South Africa’s democracy. It also makes it impossible for a free and fair election to be held next year.

The advertisement campaign, which carries out government successes, will cost more than R2 million a month. These costs are not being covered by the ANC as one would expect, but is being paid for from state coffers.

Propagandist advertisements in the colours of the governing party which is displayed during an election and paid for with taxpayer’s money would never be allowed in any mature democracy anywhere in the world. Opposition parties’ voters are in effect paying for ANC propaganda during the election.

It creates an untenable situation where other political parties cannot compete with their own funds during an election. Explanations that the green and yellow colours and timing is a mere coincidence, underestimate the intelligence of all South Africans. It is a transparent and unacceptable explanation.

The FF Plus will be asking the Public Protector and Independent Electoral Commission to immediately investigate this abuse of taxpayer’s money so that the advertisements boards can be removed or the ANC is forced to pay it with their own funds.


Contact no.: 082 674 6670 / 083 419 5403



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