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FF Plus intervenes at overpopulated Akasia police station in Tshwane Metro

The police officers at the Akasia police station have to work in terrible conditions while trying to combat crime, which is so high that the international companies that run industries in the area complain about it.

The FF Plus is investigating the matter in an attempt to find suitable alternative premises or to, at least, move some of the 191 local police members to another site.

The lease contract of the police buildings, which belong to the Tshwane Metro Council, with the Department of Public Works has already expired and various tender processes to renew it over the past five years have failed.

Meanwhile, the building has gradually decayed without any maintenance. There are numerous water leakages, the toilets are out of order, the furniture is tatty and a number of police officers have no choice but to work in a small storeroom with only one printer and one computer.

The detective unit has no designated workspace and just six of the 24 visible policing vehicles are in working order.

In a report that the Tshwane Metro's Department of Health compiled after a visit to the police station, it was found that the station must legally be closed seeing as it does not comply with health regulations.

This police station also serves the Rosslyn industrial area where several national and international companies have large production plants.

Some of these industries have already indicated that they are considering moving out of the area if the matter is not addressed soon.

According to the crime figures for October to December 2021, this station has the sixth highest crime rate in the province. Nationally, it is eighteenth on the list.

The FF Plus's Members of the Mayoral Committee on Health and Community Safety in the Tshwane Metro Council, Rina Max and Grandi Theunissen, are working with the chairpersons of the committees to compile a comprehensive plan to find a solution for the substandard police station.

The party will not fail to perform its duty to do everything in its power to serve the community of Akasia by seeing to it that suitable premises are found and that police officers are provided with the equipment they need.

The Gauteng police is also engaging with the national police for assistance with the matter.




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