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FF Plus initiates legal proceedings against Mangaung Metro due to garbage disposal crisis

The FF Plus sent a lawyer's letter to the city manager of the Mangaung Metro Municipality (Bloemfontein, Dewetsdorp, Soutpan, Van Stadensrus, Wepener), adv Tankiso Mea, earlier today demanding, among other things, that the details of possible solutions and contingency plans to address the garbage disposal crisis, currently experienced by the Metro, must be disclosed.

The Metro must also indicate when the said plans will be implemented.

The party, furthermore, demands that the causes of the crisis must be disclosed as well.

The municipal manager was asked to approach the council with the proposal that the municipal accounts of residents who make use of private service providers must be credited with the relevant garbage disposal tariffs. These private contractors are usually cheaper and more reliable as they render a weekly service.

Garbage disposal in the city is an enormous crisis because the service is rendered sporadically at best or simply not at all.

The vague excuses put forward, including labour unrest, insufficient resources and equipment shortages, are all unacceptable and must now be addressed and resolved once and for all.

The once clean and beautiful Bloemfontein and surrounding towns of the Mangaung Metro Municipality have deteriorated to a foul-smelling garbage heap that not only poses health risks to residents, but that also hampers the local economy, job creation and the city's overall progress.

Through its councillors, the FF Plus is continually putting pressure on the municipal manager to address garbage disposal and other service delivery problems, but the party also will not hesitate to approach the court to see to it that residents do indeed get the services that they pay for.

In addition to the fact that the FF Plus is drawing attention to the issue within the municipal council and will approach the court with regard to the ongoing crisis, the party has also started disposing of garbage itself because it cannot bear to see garbage heaps piling up and rotting on every street corner and traffic circle.

Residents must stand up, stand together and stand strong against the municipal decline in the country and punish the ANC for it at the polls during the upcoming elections. The decline must be brought to an end.



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