Freedom Front Plus
Freedom Front Plus

FF Plus fights political parties’ misuse of municipal resources

The FF Plus has requested its structures countrywide to identify the misuse of municipal resources for party political campaigns so that offenders can be brought to book.

Party structures were also asked to identify municipal officials who violate national regulations on officials’ participation in elections as party candidates so that appropriate action can be taken.

The regulations stipulate, among other things, that such officials are obliged to take leave as soon as their candidature has been confirmed. They may also not make use of any municipal resources, such as funds, vehicles, work premises, communication equipment, data on municipal clients or service providers, municipal emblems or any other equipment, for the duration of their campaign.

It is imperative that municipal authorities strictly enforce these regulations to protect the integrity of the elections and especially to prevent the misuse of municipal assets.

Officials, particularly those in ANC-controlled municipalities, and local ANC politicians violated these regulations in the past.

The FF Plus will keep fighting for clean and fair elections as well as the prevention of corruption and looting of municipal resources.

Voters should side with the FF Plus on 29 May, thus enabling the party to, as part of a multi-party coalition government, bring back a clean and professional government to South Africa.

Together, we can restore and rebuild.



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