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FF Plus demands urgent intervention at Madibeng

The FF Plus in Madibeng has sent an official letter to the administrator of the Municipality, Adv M. Motlogekwa, requesting an urgent intervention at the Municipality to restore service delivery in Brits and Hartebeespoort.

The deterioration and decay of these once prosperous towns have taken on disastrous proportions. The water infrastructure is outdated and dilapidated due to a lack of maintenance and timely upgrades.

Thousands of litres of water go to waste due to leaking pipes every day – that is, on the days that there is water.

The stormwater and sewage systems are likewise in a terrible condition and untreated sewage has been flowing down streets in certain areas for weeks now. The health risks that this poses to residents are obvious.

Streetlights are not replaced and because the upkeep of town parks is neglected, it creates a breeding ground for more crime.

Streets and roads are not maintained either and some streets have become nearly inaccessible. Power outages often last for days on end and some residents have, out of sheer desperation, started hiring private contractors to repair power substations.

These issues have an extremely negative impact on the residents, industries and businesses in the area.

In the past, Brits was a hub of economic growth that made a great contribution to job creation. However, under the new circumstances created by the ANC rule in Madibeng, new investments have diminished drastically and the existing businesses are starting to dwindle.

Although the FF Plus has already tabled a motion of no confidence against the Mayor, Josthina Mothibi, it will only be brought to vote in the council on the 24th of November 2020. Immediate and drastic intervention is needed to avert a crisis.

Contact details: 064 664 2060



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