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FF Plus condemns water crisis in Emfuleni, which is getting worse by the day


The FF Plus condemns the water crisis in the Emfuleni Local Municipality (Evaton, Sebokeng, Vaal Oewer, Vanderbijlpark, Vereeniging), which is getting worse by the day.

It seems that the eighteen-month-long intervention by the provincial and national government in terms of Section 63 of the Water Services Act is not bearing any fruit to turn the growing crisis around.

Although the intervention is scheduled to last until October 2024, the possibility that the process will need to be prolonged due to poor service delivery already exists.

At present, Emfuleni is losing a staggering 63,7% of its water supply because of, among other things, meter theft and outdated infrastructure contributing to water leakages.

In addition, certain parts of the community are known for non-payment, and the Municipality also loses revenue as it is unable to supply water to the community due to the enormous water losses.

Rand Water supplies only 60% of what the community needs to Emfuleni, because Rand Water itself had to impose restrictions on Emfuleni for water wastage.

An example demonstrating the extent of the water crisis is that three of the fourteen bakkies that Rand Water donated to help perform maintenance on the water infrastructure in Sebokeng were hijacked. Sebokeng enjoys more attention than other parts of Emfuleni and that makes the fact that the vehicles were hijacked there where help was offered even worse.

Despite the enormous amounts earmarked for water projects in Emfuleni, the crisis keeps growing.

The national Department of Water and Sanitation allocated R7,6 billion specifically for the sewage crisis and in addition, another R5 billion of the provincial grant received from national government was also earmarked.

The latter was meant to address all 44 pump stations and water treatment plants. But despite the financial aid, service delivery remains poor.

Seven months ago, contractors were appointed to work on pump stations 2, 8, 9 and 10, but thus far, only 7% of the work has been done.

Water is still running down the streets every day and it takes up to two weeks for water leakages to be repaired.

Service delivery is further hampered by workers' constant labour disputes and Rand Water dragging its feet in appointing contractors, which usually takes up to six months or more.

In fact, the Presidency's visit to Emfuleni has left residents with a bitter taste in their mouths. They were given nothing but empty promises.

The FF Plus will continue to fight to make Emfuleni liveable once again. The people of this Municipality deserve better than the ANC.




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