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Freedom Front Plus

FF Plus is determined to have DNA backlogs in Limpopo addressed

The FF Plus in Limpopo sent an official letter to the provincial Police Commissioner, Lt. Gen. M.T. Hadebe, in an attempt to have the serious DNA-processing backlogs in Limpopo addressed as soon as possible.

The murder of two young men from Musina, the 27-year-old Henrie Mans on 1 April and the 38-year-old Jaco Cilliers on 14 July, remains a great source of pain for the families who struggle to find closure as there has been no progress with their cases. No-one has been arrested yet.

In another incident relating to livestock theft, the carcasses of the stolen animals were found at the suspect's house. But thus far, no steps have been taken against the suspected individual.

The FF Plus enquired about the slow progress with the investigations and some of the investigating officers confirmed that one of the main reasons for the delays is a serious backlog with DNA reports.

The FF Plus demands answers from Commissioner Hadebe about the delays in DNA reports and what measures will be implemented to address the problem.

Without DNA evidence to link offenders to a crime scene, it is nearly impossible to prosecute.

The FF Plus will continue to put pressure on the authorities to ensure that offenders are prosecuted within the constraints of the law.



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