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Freedom Front Plus

FF Plus asks PP to investigate Defence Force’s suspicious transaction with Saint George Hotel

In the FF Plus's view, it is unacceptable that the Saint George Hotel and Conference Centre in Irene just outside Pretoria is being leased for R5 million per month to train senior officers, and the party will ask the Public Protector (PP) to look into the matter.

This type of training has always taken place at designated premises, so it begs the question: what is the reason behind the SA Army Foundation's decision to move the War College and Defence College to new premises?

Should the reason be that the existing facilities are not adequate, it raises the question of why those facilities cannot be upgraded with the millions that will now be spent on leasing the Hotel.

The country has more than enough military bases with sufficient facilities where senior officers can receive training.

The Minister of Defence and Military Veterans, Thandi Modise, must clarify the reasoning behind the lease agreement at once.

It is very suspicious that the lease agreement was announced just a few weeks after the Hotel announced last month that it is closing its doors.

This creates the impression that there may be corruption involved in the lease agreement and the FF Plus wants to obtain clarity on the matter.




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