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Farm attack in Eastern Cape proves that rural safety measures fall short

The FF Plus condemns the farm attack on Erica Fox, retired police officer, and her husband, Andrie, on their farm situated between Alicedale and Paterson in the Eastern Cape.

Five heavily armed perpetrators overwhelmed, tied up and robbed the couple Wednesday evening at around 19:50. The assailants made off with two shotguns, a 9mm pistol, a .38 revolver, jewellery and cash.

An American guest on the farm happened to come upon the robbery and ran away out of fear.

The FF Plus welcomes the speedy response by the community, farmers, private security companies and police officers who blocked off various routes in an attempt to apprehend the perpetrators. They are, however, still at large.

The ANC government must stop turning a blind eye to crime in rural communities as it is getting out of control. It must perform its constitutional duty to protect all citizens and pay more attention to ensuring the safety of rural communities.

South Africa's agricultural community is already fighting for survival in terms of weathering the natural elements. They cannot be expected to fight against crime as well.

The FF Plus has always been committed to improving the lives of farmers in South Africa and will continue to remind the government of its duty and responsibility to take rural safety seriously for the sake of everyone in the country.

The FF Plus is also calling on rural communities to intensify their safety and security measures and to join their local farm and neighbourhood watches and community policing forums.




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