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Everyone in South Africa will feel the economic impact of the war in Ukraine

(Parliamentary debate: The impact of the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine on the South African economy)

Every person in South Africa will be affected by the negative economic impact of the war in Ukraine – especially those who are dependent on basic foodstuffs, like bread and flour.

Statistics show that 30% of the wheat consumed in South Africa comes from Ukraine.

As a result, projections are that the price of wheat products will increase with 27% in the next year. According to these projections, the price of white flour will increase with 20% and yellow flour with 21%.

Some of the large bakeries have already issued warnings that there will be a sharp increase in the price of their bread. It would be wishful thinking to hope that the consequences of the war will not have a direct impact on every single person in South Africa.

In addition to this, there is the fuel price hike and the increase in fertiliser prices, which will have an equally negative impact on the agricultural industry.

The ANC needs to realise that it is letting the people of South Africa down due to its struggle-friendship with Russia. A true friend will heed critique if it is valid.

The ANC does not condemn the war in Ukraine and also did not support the United Nations' (UN) resolution against Russia's aggression in the war.

This ought to make the ANC question whether Russia sees it as a friend or as a useful idiot.

Russia's aggression in the war is not open to debate. A country that sends its tanks and troops over another country's borders is always the aggressor, regardless of what its reasons for doing so may be.

And just like in all other wars, it is the women and children who are the real victims in this war as well.



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