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Ehlanzeni in trouble due to a shortage of skilled employees

Shocking statistics on departmental officials’ qualifications and skills in the Ehlanzeni District Municipality show that very few officials meet the minimum requirements for their positions.

The figures were released last week after an independent study, Work Study and Skills Audit, was conducted on the employees of the Municipality (Mbombela, Nkomazi, Bosbokrand, Thaba Chweu).

In the Department of Community Services, 64,3% of employees do not meet the minimum requirements and in the Department of Strategic Services, it is 63,7%.

It seems that the ANC government would rather have Affirmative Action (AA) paralyse the province’s public service than appoint competent employees.

The ANC is exploiting AA for cadre deployment and facilitating corruption. It is unacceptable that officials are appointed in certain positions with the sole purpose of awarding contracts to cadres.

Properly trained employees with the relevant qualifications are vital to ensure that government departments are run in way that benefits the community.

The FF Plus maintains its stance that positions should be filled with the best candidates to turn dysfunctional departments around for the public’s benefit.

It is crucial to do away with Affirmative Action (AA) and cadre deployment.

In the meantime, as a first step, these officials should be provided with the necessary training to equip them for their positions.

The FF Plus will, furthermore, endeavour to ensure that the Municipality’s senior managers who are responsible for making these appointments face disciplinary charges.

The party will continue to hold departments accountable for maladministration and poor service delivery.

Ehlanzeni deserves better than the ANC.



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