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Debate on Africa Day in NCOP: South Africans will in the end survive the ANC epidemic and gain complete independence

(Debate on Africa Day in NCOP: From pandemics to endemics: building an integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa beyond the Covid-19 pandemic )

With their inherent resilience, South Africans will ultimately survive the ANC epidemic, just like with Covid-19, to obtain true independence and prosperity.

Despite suffering numerous setbacks in the past, the people of South Africa got back up and rebuilt time and again.

The resistance by the Boere republics ushered in the battle for independence from British imperialism in Africa.

Boere generals, like Christiaan de Wet, Koos de la Rey and Louis Botha, commanded respect across the world and provided momentum to the pursuit of liberation from imperial domination in Africa and elsewhere.

South Africa survived the destruction of the British scorched-earth policy and got back up again. Likewise with the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918 and the Great Depression of the thirties.

Africa Day was instituted to celebrate independence from imperial domination and the establishment of the African Union (AU).

The AU's expressed founding objectives include promoting the sovereignty and prosperity of all African peoples.

The ANC government, however, seems determined to undermine the founding principles of the AU through desperately clinging to outdated and failed ideologies, like socialism and race-based policies.

The tragic consequence of this after 28 years under ANC rule is clear for all to see. The country is teetering on the edge of being a failed state. Is that really the ANC's idea of true independence, freedom and prosperity?

It is striking that today states like Malaysia, Singapore, India and Rwanda, which were all under imperial rule once, are progressive and prioritising the interests of the people.

This level of true freedom and prosperity was achieved after these countries made a calculated decision to liberate their people of the yoke of poverty and suffering brought about by socialism.

The FF Plus will continue to encourage all South Africans by reminding them of the times that South Africans successfully resisted serious onslaughts, whether they were imperialist invasions, economic disasters or even pandemics.

South Africans will survive the ANC epidemic, and Covid-19, by once again enduring with resilience and creativity to gain true freedom and independence.



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