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DA march to ANC a recipe for conflict

The intolerance of the ANC and the defiant attitude of the DA regarding the DA’s planned march to the Luthuli house contain all the elements of a conflict and both parties will have to accept the responsibility and blame should the march turn violent, Dr. Pieter Groenewald, the parliamentary leader of the Freedom Front Plus says.

“At the same time it is clear now that the ANC’s threats of violence should be taken seriously, especially given the party’s history of violent political intolerance.

“In 1994, 19 people were killed in front of Shell House and many more were injured in a similar protest march of the IFP, while a march in 2012 to Cosatu House also ended in blood.

“Against the current backdrop of serious threats the question should therefore be asked whether the DA’s questionable motives for the march would justify any injuries or loss of life.

“According to the DA, the march is about job-creation, but both parties have equally shallow economic thoughts and share the same views about labour legislation which promotes unemployment.

“It is also not reasonable toward the Police as they will once again be in the middle of an extremely dangerous situation and will be blamed if any violence was to break out.

“What aggravates the situation is the route along which the marchers will be moving toward the ANC’s head office. It winds between high buildings from which objects could easily be thrown to the ground and also does not offer any quick escape routes, should people have to escape,” Dr. Groenewald says.


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