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Freedom Front Plus

World should stop Japanese slaughter of dolphins

The Freedom Front Plus is in agreement with countries such as America and Britain that the annual slaughter of dolphins in Japan is a senseless and gruesome tradition and world leaders should pressurise Japan to stop the slaughter, Dr. Pieter Mulder, leader of the Freedom Front Plus says.

Dolphins have been on the organisations so-called ‘Red List’ for seriously endangered species since 2004 already.

“What is taking place in Japan once again shows how humans are increasingly disturbing the balance in nature which is so essential to their own survival.

“Research of the IUCN indicates that dolphin numbers in the Mediterranean have in the past four decades declined by more than 50%. Other factors such as overfishing, environmental changes and the deterioration and pollution of their natural habitat are contributing factors.

“The suffering of humans and animals on the planet isn’t pleasant for anyone to see. Here I particularly think of the tens of thousands of animals which have died in recent times in South Africa due to drought and the accompanying suffering of people.

“When the suffering and obliteration are however totally unnecessary and cruel, as is the case with the slaughter of the dolphins in Taiji, a person cannot keep quiet about it and the international community should strongly condemn it,” Dr. Mulder said.

Fishers in Taiji in the western Wakayama province of Japan annually drive hundreds of dolphins into nets lying in a cove on the coast. Some of them are captured and sold to marine parks while others are killed for their meat. According to reports nearly 40 dolphins have been killed this year.


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