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Coalition legislation must not be created for ANC’s benefit

Legislation aimed at providing a framework for addressing problems relating to coalitions must not become an instrument used to benefit the ANC and keep it in power.

The mere fact that the ANC is discussing coalitions says a lot and is of historical importance seeing as this is the first time this is happening since the ANC came into power 29 years ago.

It is interesting to note that the ANC government suddenly views coalition legislation as significant now that it is obviously experiencing problems.

Legislation may under no circumstances be exploited to keep a party, which is losing support, in power by disadvantaging other parties.

The structuring of a coalition must not be prescribed by policy, and it is a misleading generalisation to make all existing coalitions out to be failures.

At present, there are numerous successful coalitions in South Africa, which makes it very clear that it is indeed an attainable and viable way of getting rid of the ANC.

Problems in coalitions are mainly experienced where the ANC is actively busy trying to undermine the coalitions through various orchestrated attempts.

A good example is how the Gauteng Premier, Panyaza Lesufi, does not miss an opportunity to try and ensure that the coalitions in his province end up on the rocks.

The following question must be asked: Why is the ANC considering legislation for coalitions just as it is losing its grip on political power?

The ANC has proven time and again that it cannot be trusted. The only thing that can save South Africa is a coalition government, with the FF Plus as a reliable partner.

There will be an opportunity to establish just that in 2024.



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