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By-elections show that the public is voting according to their values and principles

The recent by-elections that took place in Mpumalanga show that the political landscape in South Africa is busy changing and that stronger coalitions between opposition parties will ensure that the ANC is effectively opposed from now on.

These coalitions will enable opposition parties to take the lead on national, provincial and local levels of government to prevent the ANC from governing with an absolute majority.

The results of the by-election that took place in Bethal (Ward 28) on the 9th of October substantiate this. The FF Plus obtained just six votes less than the ANC. The ANC won the Ward with a mere 36% of the votes cast. Previously, the Ward in Bethal was under DA control.

In Lydenburg, the DA only just obtained a narrow victory with 48% of the votes (compared to 81% in 2016). Support for the FF Plus grew from 8% to 33%. These results make it clear that it is becoming increasingly possible for coalitions to effectively oppose the ANC.

The FF Plus is convinced that a true power shift can only happen when voters vote according to their convictions and for a party that advocates values with which they agree.

This is what is currently happening and the public is no longer falling for the lie that to vote for a party that is not the official opposition party is to waste your vote.

The FF Plus achieved great victory with the national general elections that took place on the 8th of May and the success of by-elections of the 9th of October prove that this upward curve of growth will continue and it will benefit all ordinary voters who do not want to compromise on their values and principles.

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