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Budget vote debate: Department of Social Development – The great number of people dependent on social grants in South Africa is not an achievement, but a shame

The ANC considers the great number of people who are dependent on social grants in South Africa as an achievement, but in reality, it is a shame and serves as proof of the fact that the government is not capable of governing, growing the economy and creating more jobs.

Likewise, it is a shame that a government uses social grants to keep people dependent on it purely for the sake of political gain.

In addition, the government has, through sheer incompetence, allowed the Department of Social Development to fall into a chaotic state that puts the approximately 18 million people who depend on social grants for their livelihood at risk.

The ANC sat on the side lines without lifting a finger and watched as the utterly incompetent Minister Bathabile Dlamini single-handedly destroyed the department. Under her leadership, the department became dysfunctional and now has no organisational structure to speak of.

Social workers, who fulfil a very important role in society, were basically left to themselves and they became so disempowered that they are now unable to do their jobs properly.

The ANC’s mismanagement, incompetence and corruption reminds one of the book Animal Farm by George Orwell; in it the animals revolt against the farmer and assume power on the farm.

As time went by, the pigs who made up the group of leaders become even more tyrannical and merciless than the farmer was. They are cruel and oppress the other animals and they rule by the motto: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”.

This is what the ANC is doing to the people of South Africa and the time has come for South Africa’s ANC-Animal Farm plot to take a dramatic turn so that the country and its people can be rescued from utter ruin.


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