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Budget vote debate: Department of Science and Technology – Government must invest in future by spending more on science and technology

A country that does not value the importance of scientific and technological advancement is heading for a dark future. Unfortunately, that is the case in South Africa as the ANC government does not regard the Department of Science and Technology as a priority.

Mankind finds itself in an ever-changing world. On the one hand, it is exciting and it affords us the opportunity to solve numerous problems, but on the other hand, it brings with it new risks and challenges such as diseases and climate change.

The Department of Science and Technology plays a crucial role in South Africa’s development. It is, therefore, important that this department liaises more closely other departments, such as the departments of education and health as well as economic departments.

At present, silence dominates the field of research and development, but research groups must improve the situation through liaising and cooperating with one another.

The budget that was allocated to the Department of Science and Technology is insufficient. If inflation is taken into account, the budget is 2,3% less than the previous financial year’s. It is of the utmost importance, particularly with regard to research, that this department and its entities are better funded.

This is also closely linked and necessary for to the proper functioning of entities like the South African Academy of Sciences and the National Research Institute.

International research on maths and science literacy shows that South African learners in grades five and nine have the lowest level of literacy in the world. This serves as proof that making positive changes, such as establishing better coordination between this department and other departments, are absolutely necessary.

The problem is that the ANC government has its priorities all wrong, especially when it comes to how and where money is allocated.

While the phrase “fourth industrial revolution” is often used by the government these days, it will remain nothing more than a buzzword if they do not invest more in science and technology. The government must start investing in a future and stop looking for scapegoats to blame for its failures.


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