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Boks have done their part for nation building, South Africa must now build on that

(Parliament: Tributes to the Springbok Rugby Team)


The Springbok rugby team has done its part to give South Africa hope and to promote nation building. And now everyone in the country must build on that.

Over the last few decades, the sense of national pride has plunged to an all-time low along with the value of the rand and the contraction of the country's economy. Unemployment, a high crime rate, rising inflation, poverty and poor service delivery have all contributed to establishing a collective sense of despair.

The Springbok's victory in the World Cup tournament and the euphoria which it sparked serve as proof that the power of sport should never be underestimated. Sport can unite people across various boundaries, as is presently evident in South Africa.

The victory over a sense of hopelessness and the proof that there can indeed be unity in our country despite the diversity of its people are almost on par with the victory that secured the prestigious Web Ellis trophy.

One team dressed in green and gold can, however, not be expected to carry the heavy burden of nation building and the message of hope on their shoulders alone. Every South African is now tasked with helping to carry the burden by joining hands and building a better future for all.

We should all take over the responsibility of nation building from the Springboks:

We must stop judging on appearances and must respect each other for who and what we really are. We must stop making general assumptions and should stop stereotyping our fellow citizens based on who we think they are.

We must fill our shoes as a proud nation. We must hold the government accountable for how our tax money is spent. We must demand accountability, proper management and that good and sound principles are followed on all levels of government.

We must participate in the processes that determine the rules and regulations that have a direct effect on us. We must build a better future for our children. We must fix what is broken before it is too late. This is a final for every South African, a final that we simply have to win.

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