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Attack on motorists at Brits: FF Plus will ask Minister to take action

After yet another incident near Brits in the North West during which motorists were attacked and robbed, the FF Plus has decided to send a letter to the Minister of Police to request that measures must be implemented that will ensure that the roads in that region are safe.

In the latest incident, a couple from Ladybrand in the Free State and their American friend were attacked and robbed on the N4 highway near Brits after one of their vehicle's tyres burst because the attackers had put stones on the road.

When they stopped to change the flat tyre, armed attackers showed up at the scene. All three occupants of the vehicle were able to flee, but the robbers stole everything in their vehicle.

Last year, various similar incidents occurred in the vicinity of Brits; stones were thrown at vehicles and it nearly cost people their lives. The police have confirmed that there have been three attacks over the last week.

The fact that stones are put on a highway with the aim of damaging a vehicle and robbing the occupants is seriously worrying.

We cannot allow criminals and robbers to make roads in the province and elsewhere, particularly the main economic routes, inaccessible to motorists as it amounts to holding motorists hostage through crime.

It also serves as proof that the ANC government is unable to keep the people of South Africa safe through proper policing.

The FF Plus will request the Minister to, among other things, identify and monitor danger zones and to visibly and regularly patrol roads in the province.

Contact number: 079 409 8342



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