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Another farm attack proves that rural safety is still not a priority in the Eastern Cape

The murder of a well-known East London farmer in the Eastern Cape proves that rural safety is still not a priority for the ANC government.

Mr Darryl Richter (34) was attacked and murdered on Saturday evening near Thornvleiweg on the N6 outside East London. According to the police, Richter was stabbed with a knife and later succumbed to his wounds at the scene. Two of the individuals who presumably attacked him were shot and killed during the incident. A third suspect is still at large.

The blame for farm attacks like this one must be laid at the door of the ANC government seeing as this kind of crime can to a large extent be prevented if specialist units against farm attacks are established.

This attack took place a mere 29 days after the attack and murder of the 79-year-old farmer, John Viedge, in the nearby Nqangarhu region (formerly known as Maclear).

The FF Plus is calling on the police to urgently implement its rural safety strategy and to intensify its efforts to prevent farm attacks. The FF Plus has for a long time insisted that specialist units, tasked with ensuring the safety of farmers, must be established and provided with the support they need.

The reckless statements made by the ANC government and other parties with regard to land and expropriation are irresponsible and inflammatory.

The FF Plus will continue to stand up against farm attacks and general crime in the Eastern Cape and elsewhere in the country and will keep putting pressure on the relevant authorities to ensure the safety of the people, particularly in rural areas.



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