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Announcement that Cape Town will implement water rationing at this time, is shocking

The recent announcement made by the office of Cape Town’s mayor, Patricia de Lille, that water rationing is to be implemented in the metro and that relief may only come by April 2018, when emergency plans will take effect, is drastic and it will have a great impact on every resident in the city, says Dr Corné Mulder, leader of the FF Plus in the Western Cape.

According to the announcement, the water supply to some of the residential areas may be cut off without prior warning and people living in higher-lying areas may have even more problems associated with the lower water pressure. There will also not be a timetable to act as a warning system for the people.

Dr Mulder says that it is true that there is a severe drought in the Cape, but the emergency plans that the city wants to implement now is proof that the mayor was not open and honest in communicating the true extent of the water crisis to the city’s residents.

“In addition, the announcement is vague and raises many questions, like how many residential areas will be affected at once, or how long the outages will last, or what plans are in place to keep schools, hospitals and industries going, and many more.

“It is interesting that the media release also asserts that the situation will improve by March or April next year when emergency plans, like desalination and sinking boreholes, will be implemented to supplement the metro’s water supply.

“It is nothing but a shocking admission that these things should have been done long ago, but that there were no emergency plans or precautionary measures in place and that the mayor paid no attention to the numerous warnings about the threatening water crisis.

“This will have disastrous consequences for the entire region, on many levels. Also in terms of human suffering.

“The FF Plus wants to call on the city’s residents to take hands and cooperate so that they can face this unfamiliar problem together.

“We are also calling on the mayor to henceforth be honest with the public regarding the extent of the crisis and the effect it will have on the metro’s residents,” says Dr Mulder.


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