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ANC shows with its withdrawal from ICC it has lost its moral course

The ANC government has without a doubt now shown that it has lost its moral compass and that in a self-serving ethos is steering away from human rights which are, especially in South Africa, highly necessary, Adv. Anton Alberts, the FF Plus’ parliamentary spokesperson on Justice, says.

Adv. Alberts said in reaction to the government’s decision to withdraw from the Statute of Rome of the International Criminal Court that not only has the state been captured, but also the heart and soul of the ANC, which in an orgy of self-enrichment, is busy destroying the country.

He said South Africa boasted at the signing of the Rome Statute that it was one of the first states which had committed itself internationally to arrest and prosecute human rights abusers, especially heads of state.

“This commitment had given South Africa a special status as a responsible international citizen. It was also in line with the ANC’s story that it had freed South Africa and governs the country to the benefit of everyone, inside and outside of South Africa. The ANC however never thought that there would be a day on which its promises would be tested.

“When these words had to be enforced with moral actions, the ANC failed spectacularly. The government should have realised that Omar al-Bashir could not be invited to the country with the international warrants for his arrest having been issued. Yet, this was done.

“The government should have known that in terms of the agreement with the international criminal court it would have to arrest al-Bashir. The ANC should have known it would be held accountable due to its commitment to the international agreement, yet a morally indefensible path was followed.

“The pretence of a government which wanted to hold a mask of holy morality up to the world has now fallen a way. The true face is one of dishonesty. Everything was a mere bluff.

“From now on, the ANC will have no moral basis to blame the past. It is clear from now on that the problems which the country is facing have been created by the ANC, which governs with a captured heart and soul, sold to Mammon in all its Gupta manifestations,” Adv. Alberts says.


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