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Freedom Front Plus

ANC kicks South African Jewish community in the teeth by embracing Hamas

The FF Plus wants to apologise, on behalf of all right-minded people in South Africa, to the Jewish community for the appalling way in which the ANC government has handled the shocking terror attacks on innocent Israeli citizens on 7 October.

The presence of three prominent Hamas leaders in South Africa under the pretext that they are attending an “international summit on solidarity with the Palestinians” serves as further proof.

It is tragic that they were reportedly invited to South Africa by a high-ranking ANC Member of Parliament – Mandla Mandela, the grandson of the late president Nelson Mandela.

President Mandela would certainly not have been in favour of the murder and rape of innocent women, children and elderly persons.

The ANC’s voluntary association with Hamas is brutally rubbed in the faces of the Jewish community and every right-minded South African citizen, during the 16 days of activism for no gender-based violence against women and children.

The ANC currently governing South Africa has been stripped of all morality and has totally lost its moral compass. Right-minded voters should keep that in mind and act on it during the general elections in 2024.



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