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ANC is playing for time to bring Olly back

The ANC in the Mangaung Metro (Bloemfontein, Dewetsdorp, Soutpan, Van Stadensrus, Wepener) is playing for time in order to try and reinstate the ousted former Mayor, Olly Mlamleli, in the upcoming municipal elections.

The ANC-controlled council has been dragging its feet in holding an election to appoint a new mayor ever since the FF Plus's successful motion of no confidence in Ms Mlamleli last August.

During today's council meeting, the ANC in the Metro requested approval for appointing a new acting mayor in the place of the current acting mayor.

The FF Plus cannot support this proposal and can also not consent to giving an open mandate to the Chief Whip, Speaker and the acting mayor to randomly, when they deem it necessary, appoint a new acting mayor in the place of the current acting mayor.

The ANC does not want to appoint a new mayor and is, thus, playing for time by drawing the appointment process out until the municipal elections take place later this year.

Clearly, the ANC is willing to sacrifice stability in the Mangaung Metro for the sake of furthering its own political agendas. The ANC's decision to play for time is not in the best interest of the Metro and its residents and in no way contributes to better service delivery.

The FF Plus can also not agree to raising the allowance that the current acting mayor – and most probably also the new acting mayor – is to receive.

Some of the ANC councillors supported the FF Plus's motion last year in order to hold Mlamleli accountable for poor political leadership. However, it is now abundantly clear that the ruling party does not have the interests of the people at heart; on the contrary, it is power-hungry and short-sighted.

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