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ANC insults the public of South Africa

What the ANC calls challenges are actually self-inflicted wounds and slow suicide with a total disregard for the general public of South Africa, says adv. Anton Alberts, FF Plus parliamentary spokesperson for transport.

According to adv. Alberts, one example is the Gauteng e-toll system that was rejected by the public. He says that it is clear that none of Sanral’s attempts will ever justify the system or compel road users to pay.

“You can sue people, you can try to arrest them, but the odds remain stacked against the ANC government. There is a lot of resistance from within parliament as well as from outside in the form of the brave organisation named OUTA. Our advice is to do away with the e-toll system and to use the existing technology to manage speed and traffic. Then you would at least serve the public by making the roads safer. Regarding e-toll, just accept that it is dead.

“It has caused significant damage to the country as a whole seeing as the government taught the public to rebel against taxation and the ANC by implementing this system. Expect more of this rebellion in the future.

“Another system that failed is AARTO. It does not make roads any safer. The system is so flawed that Fines4U recently got a court order against the Road Traffic Infringement Agency (RTIA).

The minister should do himself a favour and read the verdict. It offers a thorough explanation of how the entire system is riddled with flaws and why nobody could ever be held accountable in terms of AARTO. It comes down to the fact that nearly every AARTO notice issued, as of day one, is most likely illegal and irrecoverable.

“The effect of this is that all those billions of rands can be reclaimed from the government. Another effect is that irresponsible drivers are going unpunished and that the roads in Gauteng have actually become more unsafe. AARTO is a dismal failure.

“Concerning the Road Accident Fund (RAF), we have evidence of how the fund is being mismanaged so as to pave the way for the proposed Road Accident Benefit Scheme (RABS) to replace it.

“The current system is not failing because it is inherently ineffective, but because it is supposed to fail to further the agenda of certain people. RABS may save money, but it will be at the cost of claimants. The most important problems that were identified with regard to RABS are the following:

“RAF should be left as is. Simply eradicate the inefficiency and corruption and it will be a fair system that works.

“The government is welcome to ignore the advice, as usual, but it will ultimately pay the price when the people revolt. At the grass roots level, people are not stupid, and more importantly, they are not uninformed anymore either,” says adv. Alberts.



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