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ANC far from winning the fight to amend Section 25 of the Constitution

The ANC has not yet won the fight to amend Section 25 of the Constitution so as to make expropriation without compensation possible and the FF Plus is now calling on the public to stand with the party to ensure that it does not happen.

Today in the multiparty parliamentary Section 25 Ad Hoc Committee on Expropriation without Compensation, the ANC majority adopted a draft bill on the intended amendment.

The various parties had their first opportunity today to vote on the proposals that were put forward during the recently completed process.

It is insightful that the ANC's proposals for amendments were adopted by ANC members only; they were not supported by any of the other parties, including the EFF.

It is also insightful that the EFF was not once able to find a seconder for any of its proposals – not even from the ANC – which means that the EFF proposals are in a dead-end street.

The obvious lack of cooperation between the ANC and the EFF, or any of the other parties for that matter, makes the possibility for a two-thirds majority seem unlikely when the draft bill will be debated and voted on in Parliament.

The draft bill will first be published in the Government Gazette and the public will have three weeks to comment on it.

It is clear that the amendment of Section 25 is by no means a done deal and, therefore, it is imperative for the public to make use of this opportunity to stand up and stand with the FF Plus to voice its objection.

From the outset, the FF Plus has headed the movement opposing the notion of expropriation without compensation and the party will continue to fight it in every possible way.



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