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AG’s qualified audit report for Polokwane comes as no surprise

The Polokwane Local Municipality has received its fourth consecutive qualified audit report with its audit outcomes for the 2019/20 financial year and according to the Auditor-General (AG), chances of any improvement in the next 12 months are slim.

The AG's damning findings come as no surprise for the FF Plus.

The AG found, among other things, the following:

• There was a failure to take reasonable steps to prevent irregular expenditure amounting to R462 089 517; most irregular expenses can be ascribed to violations of the municipal supply chain management regulations. The Municipality wrote off the irregular expenditure without conducting an investigation to see whether it could be recovered or whether someone should be held accountable.
• Creditors were not always paid within 30 days.
• Electricity losses amount to R107 822 221, which represents 15% of the total quantity of procured electricity.
• No adequate management, accounting and information system to balance revenue and expenses is in place.
• The performance of certain contractors and providers was not monitored on a monthly basis.
• Tenders were awarded to providers that were already employed by other state institutions or whose directors / major shareholders were employed by other state departments.
• Persons employed by the Municipality whose close relatives had a private or business interest in contracts awarded by the Municipality failed to declare it.

The FF Plus will keep putting pressure on the Municipality to compel it to implement a policy for supply chain management to ensure the effective management of procurement processes and that goods and services are obtained by means of authorised processes only.

The electricity losses are the result of the culture of non-payment, cultivated by the ANC, illicit power connections and the lack of maintenance of electricity infrastructure.

The FF Plus has requested several times that lifestyle audits must be conducted on all of the Municipality's officials so as to eradicate corruption.

The only way to bring about financial stability and effective service delivery in Polokwane is to replace the ANC-controlled council with a competent and responsible municipal council that has residents' best interests at heart.

On the 27th of October, Polokwane residents will have the opportunity to stand up and stand with the FF Plus to send a strong message to the ANC: The decline will no longer be tolerated.

Contact details: 076 538 9520



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