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Trust is the key to success for the Multi-party Charter

Trust. That is the key for the parties in the Multi-party Charter to achieve success in next year’s general elections and replace the ANC as government of South Africa.

Without trust and cooperation, success is not attainable.

Coalitions are usually formed after elections and, so, the Multi-party Charter for South Africa creates a unique situation as parties have already formally reached out to one another long before the elections.

Even countries traditionally governed by coalition governments, such as Germany, which members of the Multi-party Charter recently visited to take a closer look at the system, could learn something from the situation in South Africa.

According to the Germans, where three parties make up the government, it is a complicated undertaking. The local Multi-party Charter already consists of eight parties and others will most probably join after the elections.

It became apparent during the visit that there is no one-size-fits-all model for all countries. Each country has its own unique set of circumstances and a coalition government model should adapt to that.

In addition, South Africa’s Constitution determines that a coalition should be formed within fourteen days after the elections. This complicates the situation immensely and it is nearly impossible. In Germany, it takes up to six months to form a coalition government.

That is why it is important for the parties in South Africa that want to get rid of the ANC to join hands now already; each retaining their own identity, policy and election campaign.

It sends the message to the country’s voters that diverse parties are willing to reach out to one another and work together to save South Africa.

This gesture of cooperation should motivate voters to also reach out, to register and to vote for the party of their choice in order to form a united front against the ruling ANC.

Let all of us in South Africa join hands. Let us work together and vote. People who neglect to do so will merely strengthen the ANC’s hands and keep it in power for another five years.



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