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South Africa must start implementing precautionary measures against Coronavirus outbreak

The FF Plus is concerned about the Coronavirus outbreak in China that has already resulted in the loss of 106 lives.

The FF Plus is cautioning the South African government to take precautionary action to ensure that all South African citizens are protected against the virus.

South Africa's situation is problematic seeing as our borders with neighbouring countries are permeable and there is very little control over the influx of people crossing our borders. It is not sufficient to only increase control at the country's airports and harbours because the virus can easily enter the country in other ways and across other borders as well.

The ban on the illegal trade of animals must also be reinforced at once and there needs to be adequate cooperation between the departments of Health, Trade and Industry, Home Affairs and law enforcement agencies so as to prevent the virus from entering South Africa.

Public and private hospitals and clinics must be put on high alert and it must be ensured that these institutions will be able to address the situation effectively should cases of the virus be reported in South Africa. There is no time to waste and strict precautionary measures must be implemented at these institutions immediately.

As far as the FF Plus knows, no cases of the virus have been reported in South Africa.



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