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Renaming De Waal Drive is a scandalous waste of money

The DA’s decision to change the name of De Waal Drive in Cape Town to Philip Kgosana Drive is outrageous seen in the light of the serious social and economic challenges that the city is facing, one of which is a severe water crisis. The city must disclose what exactly this process is going to cost, says Dr Corné Mulder, leader of the FF Plus in the Western Cape.

Philip Kgosana was well-known in PAC circles and lead a protest march of 30 000 people from Langa to Cape Town in 1960. Patricia de Lille, mayor of Cape Town and a former PAC supporter, strongly advocated renaming the Drive.

According to Dr Mulder, historically speaking, the original name simply cannot be seen as offensive.

“When the Union of South Africa was established in 1910, Sir Nicolas Frederick de Waal became the first administrator of the Cape Province. The beautiful two-lane highway ensures that traffic flows from Cape Town to the Southern residential areas and its construction was both initiated and supervised by De Waal.

“Therefore, the road exists thanks to De Waal and it is a great asset to all the people living in the area. To disregard his legacy and the contribution he made to Cape Town in this way is a shame.

“The FF Plus demands that Mayor De Lille tells Cape Town residents exactly what the renaming process will cost. Cape Town is facing a severe water crisis and yet it seems like the city chooses to focus on things that are inconsequential.

"This is a slap in the face for every person whose tax money will get squandered and the FF Plus will continue to oppose the decision," says Dr Mulder.



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