Freedom Front Plus
Freedom Front Plus

Double standards add to racism

“The Freedom Front Plus condemns all forms of racism. What is worrying is that the criminal justice system has double standards for certain cases and this is adding to and promoting racism.

“Part of the criminal justice system entails the police making arrests. When the notorious KFC case, where five white offenders were arrested and where no shots were fired at anyone, is compared to the Van Staden case, where a black offender shot a white female, but was not arrested; it clearly shows that there are double standards and that constitutes racism. In the KFC case, the men have been in jail for three whole weeks due to the compulsory process of getting the court to grant bail. However, in the Van Staden case, the offender did not spend one day behind bars and has been at large without bail. These are double standards.

“In terms of the administration of justice, the accused in the coffin case were found guilty of attempted murder and everyone agrees that what they did was detestable, but to find that the victim could have died if they had continued, raises quite a few questions. Penny Sparrow gets a hefty fine for her statement, which the Freedom Front Plus also condemns, that likens black people to baboons, while Velaphi Khumalo only gets rapped on the knuckles for saying that whites must be massacred like Hitler did the Jews. These are double standards.

“There are many more examples of double standards that the Freedom Front Plus strongly condemns. Both blacks and whites are guilty of racism and it should be condemned in all cases. The Constitution stipulates that everyone is equal before the law, but this must be applied in practice as well,” says Dr Pieter Groenewald, leader of the Freedom Front Plus.



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